Flying like a bird, almost

Swiss pilot and inventor Yves Rossy.

He is seen soaring above the Spanish resort of Empuriabrava during a test flight with jet-fuelled powered wings strapped to his back on 12 March, 2007.

– 4 miniature jet engines mounted under the wing
– Current deployment from free fall jump out of an aircraft, though land take-off is planned soon
– Steering takes place through body movements
– The only control is engine speed
– The only instrument is an acoustic altimeter
– The flight ends with the deployment of a parachute

Just call him “Fusion Man”. And, yes, he is a former fighter jock.


Swiss man soars with jet wings
(01:17) Report

May 15 – A Swiss man stuns onlookers by flying a jet propelled wing for nearly ten minutes at a peak speed of 300 km/h (186 mph).

“Fusion man” Yves Rossy, a Swiss former military pilot and Airbus commander for Swiss airlines, completed an official demonstration on Wednesday in the Swiss Chablais region, where he was released from a plane at 2,438metres (8000ft) with his wing folded.



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