A Local Kid Has High Dreams

By Andrew Logsdon, KMVT, Twin Falls, Idaho

Story Published: Jun 20, 2008 at 6:19 PM CDT

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For years, many children spend their summers behind the lemonade stand.

One young man in Twin Falls is taking it a step further.

Tanner Cuellar says, “I’m selling lemonade!”

His mother Kayla Cuellar says, “We took him over to the world vision experience aids exhibit over at CSI, where we got to walk through and kind of walk through an idea of what it’s like to be a child in Africa.”

Tanner Cuellar is part of a group of children in the olive tree ministry center, who walked through the aids exhibit a few months ago.

Judi Thietten says, “CSI let world vision in to do their aids experience and that had such an impact on these children, we really wanted to do something.”

Collectively, the kids decided to have a yard sale next weekend

Tanner says, “Um, I’m hoping to raise three hundred dollars.”

Tanner chose to take it one step further with his lemonade stand.

He plans to move around the magic valley all summer selling lemonade to help pay for a well in Africa through the Adventist development and relief agency, to prove clean drinking water for impoverished people.

Even the stand he’s using is a sweet deal.

Kayla says, “Online, Sunkist has a program called ‘take a stand,’ and we applied for that. Tanner wrote a pledge to raise one hundred dollars this summer for a well in Africa through Adra.”

Tanner says, “Because I wanna raise money.”

Tanner is showing us all that when life hands you lemons, you build a well.”

Andrew Logsdon, kmvt news.


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