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Pope Asked to Stop Wearing Fur

August 15, 2008

Italian animal rights group asks Pope Benedict to stop wearing fur

ROME — A group opposed to wearing fur has asked Pope Benedict to give up his ermine-trimmed attire.

The Italian Association for the Defence of Animals and the Environment says it has collected about 2,000 online signatures since the campaign was launched in July.

The Pope has sometimes sported a fur-trimmed hat known as the “camauro.” On some occasions, he has donned a sumptuous red velvet cape trimmed in ermine. Both are part of traditional papal attire, but had long been abandoned.

Lorenzo Croce, the association’s president, said Wednesday he would send the signatures to the Vatican at the end of September.

In its petition, the association calls for “respect of life in all its forms” and says “animals are also creatures of God.”

Croce said he wrote to the Vatican earlier this week but has had no response to his campaign. The Vatican has not publicly commented on the initiatives.